"Values ​​System in University Education" Conference Calls for Combining Education By Values ​​and Teaching Values

  • 2021-Feb-28

The World Communities Council, in cooperation with Association of Islamic Universities, Ibn Sina Institute for Human Sciences, University of the Levant, and other prestigious universities and educational institutions, organized, Sunday December 13, 2020, the virtual conference "The Values ​​System in University Education ... Towards a New Vision for Educational Reform." On the council's social networking sites, with the participation of more than 30 high-level scholars and academics from different countries of the world.

The participants in the conference called for setting a general frame of reference for the value system capable of building an ethically coherent and civilized personality, as well as the necessity of combining education by values ​​and teaching values. The later is necessary in some values ​​topics, where values ​​are taught directly and presented in the form of information and themes, while education by values is the method by which all subjects are taught, such as scientific honesty, respect for the different,, and critical creative thinking.

In his opening speech to the conference, His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al-Nuaimi, Chairman of The World Communities Council, said that the value system needs special attention, to re-placed it in a new form that convincing and modern, where the hearts and minds of young people can be won by presenting vivid examples of Islamic and authentic values and shared human values ​​in our university institution, which cultivate security, tranquility and stability, and thus make the individual an active element in his society and keen on the cohesion and security of this society.

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Bechari, Secretary-General ofThe World Communities Council, said that the Corona crisis has produced a new reality that necessitated serious thinking about the outcomes of teaching methods, and highlighted the need for a value system characterized by authenticity, humanity and cooperation between peoples. He is calling for thinking about methodologies and practical mechanisms that build a value system to limit moral deterioration, as well as formulating an integrated joint project for the conceptual framework of ethics and values, by including values ​​and ethics in school curricula, and promoting correct societal behaviors through practical steps to actualize the ethical system.

The virtual conference "Values ​​System in University Education... Towards New Vision for Educational Reform" sought to achieve four important goals: To alert educational policy makers to the danger of the value system that is transmitted through educational systems; Instructing educational experts on how to dissect educational curricula to reveal underlying and apparent value systems; Laying down the methodological foundations to distinguish between negative values ​​that destroy homelands and people and the positive ones ​​that establish development, prosperity and prosperity; Discussing curricula for teaching values, and means and methods of evaluating education by values.


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